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Mawson Club App Launch


The Mawson Club launches their first member App with Player Elite this October 2022, engaging members even when they can’t make it to the Club. The Mawson Club now advances their loyalty program with Player Elite’s market leading digital technology platform, O.R.C.A (Omni-Channel Real Time Application) ™, for Pubs & Clubs. O.R.C.A ™ was developed to allow members access to real-time promotions, exclusive offers and interactive games via the App which is now available for members to download on IOS and Android devices. Player Elite celebrates The Mawson Club App launch with the most advanced technology platform in the market, delivering seamless integration of features and benefits from The Mawson Club to the palm of the member’s hand!

Upgraded Partnership with Momento Hospitality Group

momento hospitality logo

Player Elite is incredibly proud to announce the upgraded partnership with the award-winning Momento Hospitality Group. Our new agreement will be celebrated in the growth of Northwest Sydney Region with Player Elite’s leading Strategic Gaming Operations (SGO)™ and the Digital Loyalty System (DLS)™ across all five (5) venues. Our enhanced agreement will drive the digital solutions to generate a seamless boost of engagement and consistent customer experience with the exciting launch of DLS™ across the leading venues at The Duke of Dural, The Governor Hotel, Hillside Hotel, Mullane’s Hotel, and Bella Vista Hotel. Player Elite’s Founder and CEO, Bryan Te Wani commented, “We measure the successes when our core values & vision are seen by our clients and partners. This partnership represents the confidence in Player Elite’s technology and the claim to delivering Australia’s #1 Digital Loyalty System. We’re extremely humbled to have the Momento Hospitality Group powered by our innovation.” Since the launch of Player Elite in 2015, there are outstanding performances constantly seen across the networks in NSW, ACT & QLD. Player Elite strives to lead the Gaming and Hospitality Industry, with more than 200 Digital Loyalty Terminals with the loyalty technology deployed over 72 sites across Australia, over 2.5 million customer interactions per month, and more than 8 million App opens with O.R.C.A (Omni Channel Real Time Consumer Application)™.